Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Goodbye Tokba

So today, 29th of May, 3.30am, the day that I shall remember in my life. My granddad, tokba passed away. It was too sudden for me. I had just started my hols. But things happen because Allah wants it to happen right? That's why I'm trying my hardest not to cry. That doesn't mean I'm heartless or whatsoever you wanna call it. I do love my tokba. The man who'd always put me on his back or on his shoulder when I was younger. The man who'd always ask where I was during my absence. The man who'd always try to remember my name when he started to lose his memory. The mam who'd always care to give me birthday presents when I was still a kid. The man who'd always give me some pocket money when I'm going back to college. He means a lot to me. Yes, his absence will surely affect my life, deep inside me heart. But I realized that there's no need of crying to his lost because it wouldn't bring him back to life yet it will only cause sorrow in me. Al Fatihah to him and may Allah forgive him and bless him during his lifetime. Amin.
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